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NAMES: The secularization of

Oh dear! I am in trouble again! I did not know that "Foreign Service Officers, active or retired, may also properly use Esquire, or esq." I apologize to Paul Simon, Esq, Tim Brown, Esq. and other WAIS Esq. I now expect to be scolded by the Marines, Esq. However, General Michael Sullivan and his colleagues must feel that they do not need this distinction. The lead editorial in The Economist (12/1/01), describing how the Marines have hit the ground in Afghanistan, opens "From the halls of Montezuma to the halls of Tripoli", although I doubt is the writer had any idea of the implications of "Montezuma". General Sullivan refuses to be drawn into an argument over the seniority of the services. He sniffs: "The Marine Corps has the Marine Corps' emblem, the "eagle, globe and anchor", symbolizing the United States Marine Corps. It's all we need as it's respected and recognized by our friends while being feared by our enemies. Simple as that!". Indeed. the argument about seniority reminds me of the story of the three hardware stores. One opened with the claim "Founded 1950!" Up sprang a competitor with the claim "Founded 1900!" The third simply advertised "Founded yesterday! No old stock!"

Ronald Hilton - 12/4/01