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Pidgi: Papua-Niugini Pidgin

     No wonder Papua-New Guinea is backward. Ron Bracewell reports:
     "In Papua-New Guinea pidgin is one of the three languages allowed in parliament. The other two are Motu (a south coastal lingua franca) and English. Native English speakers can generally read Wantok if they read it out loud. (Wantok = one talk, and refers to people as well as language. For example, the Solomons and Irian Jaya are populated by Wantoks. They are recognized by their appearance, regardless of which of the 600 languages they use.)
     Why not just use English? This is a serious question and has serious answers. However, here is an existence proof that there are places where pidgin is OK but English would not be. In the Wewak airport there is a big indoor plant in a pot with a sign reading "Yu no ken pisim in sospen bilong tri."
     el klin pren bilong yupela olgeda, Ron

     My warning: WAISers are not ordinary people who defy any limitation on their sacred "rights," but, just in case, let me warn you that anyone who fails to respect this injunction will be expelled from WAIS.

Ronald Hilton - 12/1/99