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Spanish Grammar Symbols

     Dwight Peterson has asked me this question, as have other WAISers:
     "You are able to accent words and also apply tildes on words when you communicate on line. How do you do that? "
     The one time I used e-commerce was a great success. I wanted a keyboard with accents, etc. I asked in this area, and even the Stanford Bookstore and the huge Fry computer emporium showed no knowledge and no interest.
     So David Onley, who was then my webmaster, went on line and found a number of suppliers. I chose Digital River of Edina, Minnesota, because the price was the lowest ($45). Contrary to the stories which circulate about e-commerce, the service was excellent. The e-mail address on the bill is . The service phone number is 800/772-6735. Unfortunately, this information does not appear in the excellent 2000 Business Phone Book USA published by Omnigraphics. Digital River should remedy that.
     The item is listed as WP Language Module #2 for WP8 LM2MULT10B. Its one weakness is that the ņ an Ņ are on active keys, which is fine for Spanish but not for Portuguese. I called the manufacturer in Florida and explained to a Vice President that Brazil is a huge market which could be tapped by making the keys dead. She didn't understand what I was talking about and didnīt seem interested. In fact she was quite rude. Sometimes I wonder why I try to help people.

Ronald Hilton - 1/6/00