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TVenglish, Spanglish, etc...

Tim Brown reports:

"Referring to our ongoing discussion of Spanglish, there is a short but interesting article in "Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana", Autumn 2000 [Madrid] emtitled "Los sonidos del Spanglish", by Ilian Stanvans that includes a short two page Muestra del Lexico spanglish-espanol WAISers might find interesting. Stanvans carefully differentiates between distinct types of Spanglish, mostly along geographic lines. His sub-divisions being Cubanismos [windshiwaipers - windshield wipers], Chicanismos [liquear - to leak], Ciber-spanglish [un webazo - a bad message received over the world wide web], Mexicanismos -[yogar - to jog], Puertoriquenismos de New York [yarda - back yard, patio], Puertoriquenismos de Puerto Rico [liftear, to lift], Spanglish del Noreste [nerdear - to act like a nerd], Spanglish del Suroeste [Islos - East Los Angeles], and Spanglish in General [ bipiar - to contact by beeper]."

Reminds me of a letter to the editor of the New York Times, one Harvard English professor responsing to a fellow professor's earlier vociferous lamentation of the terrible decay that has been suffered by modern spoken English. "I agree entirely that today's spoken English is far less eloquent and erudite than that used by the Elizabethan poets and playwrights. But, and thankfully, there ain't nothin' my learned colleague can do about it but bitch."

Languages are also the living dynamic embodiment of real communications between ordinary people, not merely academic hot-house plants to be preserved by the few."

My comment: As I have long suspected, Tim is a male chauvinist (to bitch, bichear) and an anarchist allied to the Cuban disinformation ministry. The Spanish Academy has just issued a declaration that Spanish is Spanish and English is English, and never the twain shall mix. As our oath of allegiance says "one nation, indivisible linguistically."

Ronald Hilton - 12/26/00