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LATIN AMERICA: Argentina and pot-banging protests

Tim Brown says I have offended the national honor of Panama, which invented pot-banging. I apologize: "Pot-banging is far from an Argentine invention. "La gran rebelion blanca" of Panama involved daily middle-class, los pitos, pailas y pa˝uelos" whistleblowing, pot-banging, and handkerchief waving demonstrations against Noriega prior to his ouster. There were cassettes available of pot banging, in case the rebels didn't want to bother. You just bought an audio tape and played it loudly at the set time. No need to get wet or warm. Given the censored press, it also involved a great deal of subversion by FAX, with clandestine broadsides, newssheets, and rumors flying by the electronic thousands".

Ronald Hilton - 2/3/02