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LATIN AMERICA: Argentina and pot-banging protests

Tension among Argentines is such that I have had to delete very un-WAIS language from the reply by Rosa de Pena to Dwight Peterson: "Dwight Peterson ought not to accuse me of sympathy with the murderous Montoneros. In this he is one with the Junta murderers, who used the murders of the Montoneros to justify killing innocent citizens. We are talking of people who said "it is necessary to torture ten innocent people to catch a guilty one".

As for the public apologies by Pope John Paul II for the treatment of other faiths by the Catholic Church, she says that this cannot be compared with the refusal of states to apologize (which ties in with our postings on diplomacy and truth): "You have to remember that the Catholic Church is, or at least is supposed to be, a different kind of an institution from a secular State. A state does not deal with moral absolutes, but rather should avoid them like overused cliches. But the Catholic Church is supposedly talking on behalf of Truth, and uses terms like absolute Good and Evil. It must behave differently". I merely said that other faiths had not responded with similar apologies. Muslim condemnation of bin Laden has been half-hearted, and I am waiting for the Jewish clerics to apologize for Sharon's statement saying that he wishes he had killed Arafat.

Ronald Hilton - 2/2/02