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Carleton Beals

Tim Brown writes: "On Emery Gorodny's comment, if the "Dulles Brothers" had actually accepted Beals' partisan "descriptions" as REALITY, it would have had exactly the opposite effect he thinks it would have had. Fidel Castro and those like him would now be running the entire Hemisphere, with only people like the Maoist Sendero Luminoso in opposition, and the Berlin Wall might not have fallen when it did. These might be seen as good results by those who agree that the Cold War is over but believe the wrong side won, but they would have been bad results as far as I'm concerned.

On the bombing in Lima, the American Embassy was not bombed. The car bomb exploded outside a nearby bank. The more serious incident marking Bush's visit was not this widely reported bombing, however, but the re-emergence of Sendero in at least one of the Pueblos Jovenes of Lima when a car full of terrorists raced through its street tossing bombs indiscriminately at the homes of the poor, and old Sendero tactic. The not yet confirmed, but wide-spread speculation is that some narcos have finally managed to hook up with Sendero and breathe some strength back into them with narco-dollars [Sendero used to shun them and their money, but desperation makes strange bed-fellows]".

My note: I carefully said "at the embassy", since it was close by. Perhaps I should have said "near".

Ronald Hilton - 3/25/02