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LATIN AMERICA: Justice and envy

Commenting on the Mexico City gathering of First Ladies of the Americas and poverty in Mexico, compassionate Linda Nyquist says: "I don't know where the statistics are from, but I believe that far more than 50% live below the poverty level in Mexico. Their own health statistics suggest that more than 80% suffer from clinical malnutrition. This is extremely high. Just what is "the poverty level" in Mexico? It must by a shockingly low level of income, indeed. Personally, I am so tired of first ladies and others getting together to talk about anything. Why don't they get off their collective you-know-whats and DO SOMETHING? There are all sorts of grass-roots organizations which are doing small things, but lack resources. The Maryknolls are one such organization. And the Peace Corps where they are allowed, and they are not allowed in many areas, Mexico included. So many people are not aware that the Peace Corps has never operated in Mexico. The talking heads, as I call them, accomplish almost nothing, EVER".

RH: Linda's comments are valid. As for her question as to where the statistics come from, I think every country can set is own level. The World Bank seems to have its own criteria for very poor countries. Can anyone give us the facts on this? Perhaps the publicity about the First Dames, to use a Hispanism, will make people more conscious of the poverty problem.

Ronald Hilton - 9/26/02