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LATIN AMERICA: Argentina and pot-banging protests

Linda Nyquist defends herself against the criticisms (which I abridged) of Tim Brown.: "It doesn't matter how much the students, and others, may have provoked the Argentine military. Their actions were barbarous, unholy, and totally murderous. It is unthinkable that anyone would come to their defense". She has plenty of support, especially among Argentines. Emery Gorondy writes: "Every time I read Tim Brown's comments, I feel that I'm thrown back to the terribly mistaken foreign policy of the USA during the "Cold War!" The "Communism's Containment Policy" in Europe-the "Marshall Plan"-has had the greatest positive effect by creating the Common Market, the Euro and eventually the "United States of Europe!" Unfortunately, the "Communism Psychosis" of the Dulles brothers--John Foster at the State Department and Allen at the CIA--has had the exactly opposite effect in Latin America and the rest of the Third World!

By supporting militarily all those ruthless "dictators" in Latin America-Batista, Trujillo, Somoza, etc-who declared themselves to be great "Friends of Democracy and the USA" and "Enemies of Communism," the US foreign policy towards the Third World was responsible for the oppression and exploitation of about 90% of the population in those countries! I have no doubt that if Tim Brown would have been born to one of those "exploited peasant" families in Latin America, his name today would be "Che" Brown!"

Ronald Hilton - 2/16/02