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LATIN AMERICA: Argentina and pot-banging protests

Argentina Ambassador Raśl Estrada-Oyuela says of pot-banging and its causes: "I appreciate your inviting me to offer some comments on the Argentine situation, but it is difficult to be comprehensive in few lines, particularly blaming people or sectors. We, the Argentinians, are responsible for past and present events in our country, even if somebody outside profited politically or economically from what we did. Pot-banging in Argentina is the way people, mostly middle class, is using to express that they don't feel represented by elected officers. Pot-banging in New York this week is the globalized way to protest against the asymmetries of globalization. Those asymmetries are dramatically present in Argentina today because we introduced them".

My comment: Argentina is indeed the most dramatic example of a possible consequence of globalization. The most vigorous example of Argentine pot-banging this week was in Amsterdam in protest against the marriage of the heir to the Dutch throne to the daughter of a couple affiliated with the Argentine dictatorships. It had nothing to do with economics, and the bangers were middle-class,

Ronald Hilton - 2/3/02