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Children in Latin America

Ernest J. Bartell and Alejandro O'Donnell, The Child in Latin America. Health, Development and Rights (University of Notre Daem Press. pp. 378, 2001.

We have devoted several postings to the plight of Latin American children. The whole issue is studied in this book edited by Ernest J. Bartell, C.S.C. (Congregation of the Holy Cross) and Alejandro O'Donnell, Director of the Center for Studies on Infant Nutrition and Profesor of Medicine in the University of Salvador in Buenos Aires, a Catholic institution. It provides evidence that the Church cares about the plight of Latin AmericaДs children, but the problem is so vast that it cannot cope with it, nor should it be expected to. The book is one in the long series of publications of the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame. It is the outcome of a conference held at the Institute. The papers are organized in two parts: Child Health and the Rights of Children. The five papers which make up section A of Part I deal with malnutrition., the remaining two with sanitation. Part II deals with the rights of children, the various sections being devoted to violence, child labor, rights of children and penal law, citizenshio and democracy. and social policy in Latin America. The last two papers look to the future. Following the papers are some valuable bibliographies. Some of the contributors came from abroad: Germany, Chile, Colombia.

The book is not arranged by countries, so that to study one country, say Mexico, we must consult the index. Perhps this is the wise approach, since a country-by-country study would involve among other things, long and tedious accounts of the relevant legislation of each country. At the same time, a study of say the chi.dren of Mexico would have a greater impact in that country and be more likely to spur action. It is now up to the appropriate `people in each country to study the conditions there. and to promote action.

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