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Crime and Legal Issues

     In U.S. News & World Report (3/22), there is a curious juxtaposition of articles. In "Why America is Working," Michael Barone speaks positively of Latin America, "where strong religious faiths provide personal discipline." The next article, on kidnapping, paints a different picture. In 1885-98, there were 6,785 kidnappings in South America (plus nearly 80 in Mexico and Central America), while the nest worst area, the vast Asia-Far East, had only 617. Accounts of vicious kidnappings come in steadily from Latin America.
     An article on Cuba´s richest sugar baron, Julio Lobo, tells how his two granddaughters are fighting in a Florida court over his estates, which they hope some day to recover. Then comes an article on Guatemala, where an international commission has concluded that the army was guilty of genocide and its leaders will be tried. Such is the grim reality of Latin America.

Ronald Hilton - 04/17/99