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LATIN AMERICA: The facts and statistics

Hank Levin, formerly at Stanford, now directs at Columbia an institute devoted to education and finances. He sends this message, which confirms what Linda Nyquist says:

"I have just returned from a UNESCO conference in Bolivia. As you may know, in a UNESCO survey of student achievement in Spanish and mathematics, the Cubans finished a quantum above all of the other countries including Chile with its vouchers. The best explanation seems to be the very thorough pre-school experiences received by all Cuban children. They arrive at school in relatively good health and with strong pre-school preparation for succeeding academically. The preschool experience is considered to be high in quality and is truly universal. This would probably be a good investment in other countries as well, including the U.S.. It could be financed by shifting some resources from higher education, where much is spent, but with high dropout rates and not much quality to show".

Ronald Hilton - 3/14/01