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Jesuits In Combat

Naturally, interest in lib. theo. centers on Its use in armed struggle, which was not in the original concept of Paulo Freire. Like our university faculties, the clergy is not homogeneous.The vast majority of lib. theo. supporters are not violent. Tim Brown reports:

"The Honduran press has recently confirmed another Jesuit death, American Jesuit James Frances Carney. According to participant interviews Carney was a unit commander with a column of Honduran Cinchoneros who were trained in Cuba and armed in Nicaragua before attempting to infiltrate from Nicaragua into northern Honduras to start a guerrilla focus. At the time the Honduran Army claimed to have defeated and annihilated them. In fact, the Honduran Army merely acted as the anvil. The hammer was a Nicaraguan Resistance (Contra) Special Forces team which did the actual fighting.

A fourth Jesuit is known to have been trained in North Korea in a special program run personally by Kim Il, along with four Sandinistas and one Colombian woman guerrilla. One of the Sandinistas was Carlos Aguero, and it was at this time, while living in Aguero's home that Humberto Ortega seduced Aguero's then wife, causing an irreparable split inside the FSLN that is just now becoming known. Sounds like both Ortega brothers have interesting attitudes towards sex and fidelity, as today's controversy over Daniel and alleged incest with his step-daughter may demonstrate."

Ronald Hilton, 05/28/98