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Notes from an Insider, Mary Piette

     From Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Mary Piette writes:
     "I have had one month now in Bolivia and find myself living some of the statements which are mentioned in your messages. I see churches everywhere and great statues such as the Cristo on the anillo here, and yet the poverty and corruption. You are left with questions. I certainly endorse the Mennonite Central Committeeīs work and see the results in clean, simple wells in the campos and alternative crop experiments plus such efforts as the cows brought in from India. I will soon begin working the small community library centers, again designed to bring development. literacy and education to so many. I am convinced that it is the small independant agencies working as partners which in the end have more adequate answers. "
     My comment: I suppose the anillo (ring) is a hill; I donīt remember it. The Cristo on the Corcovado overlooking Rio de Janeiro surveys general corruption. Apparently people donīt remember "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills."

Ronald Hilton - 04/19/99