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US policy in Latin America

Miles Seeley, a moderate who knows the Arab world well and sees a comparison with Latin America, raises the following questions:

  1. If the US government had a strict hands-off policy in Latin America, would there then be democratic elections in which leaders who cared only about the well-being of their people would win?
  2. Would these new leaders then be able to bring peace and prosperity?
  3. If US corporations were not in Latin America, or if only non-greedy right-minded corporations were allowed, would the Latin American economy then improve markedly and bring benefits to all?
  4. Are only left-leaning parties or personages acceptable?

A very long time ago I learned that seldom are issues black and white, good or bad. I am therefore skeptical of those who so paint the world, or the US, or US corporations. I am inclined to Tim Brown's view when he says it is up to Latin Americans to control their own destinies, and blaming others for your troubles tends to hide your own frailties. This is not to say our government and corporations are blameless, only that Latin Americans, like Arab nations, must look to themselves as well".

Ronald Hilton - 3/10/02