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US policy in Latin America: Colombia

The greatest tragedy in Latin America is the civil war in Colombia, where military action by the government has wide support. Stanford alumnus Mario Vinasco writes: "I am disturbed that still some people out there describe as "noble idealists" the "Che" Guevaras, Fidel Castros, FARC, Shining Paths, etc., etc.," I am sure that some of U.S. actions and support in Latin America has been not been very beneficial, but to call leftists dictators and terrorist guerrillas noble, and to justify their actions by U.S. foreign policy is at least naive and at worst para-subversive.

FARC are far, far from noble, and it has been that way for decades: 3000 kidnappings each year, millions displaced by their violence, 30.000 related killings, the destruction of infrastructure (bridges, electric plants and lines, etc, etc) qualify them as terrorists and nothing else. I am sure the same can be said of Shining Path and to a lesser extent of Che and Fidel.

It is interesting to note that the prospect of U.S. direct intervention in Colombia, not to mention the wide welcome of Plan Colombia, has been a relief for most Colombians".

Ronald Hilton - 3/10/02