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Was Christopher Columbus Jewish?

I said "Christopher Columbus was supposedly born in Genoa, but many places claim him as a native son. My great sponsor Salvador de Madariaga (himself possibly Jewish) claimed he was a Spanish Jew, an assertion that most historians reject".

John Heelan says: "Some claim that he was from a Jewish family hailing from "Genoa." I am interested in this description as I believe that "Genoa" was a slang term used in 16th century Spain to denote Jewish bankers. Remember Quevedo's satirical about the powerful gentleman, "Don Dinero", tracing the fate of gold and silver from South America that was 'born in the Indies, came to Spain to die and was buried in Genoa'? If any WAISer has thoughts or info on this point, I would be very interested".

I have consulted the massive "Diccionario critico etimologico de la lengua castellana" of Joan Corominas, but he says nothing about it.

Ronald Hilton - 11.05.03