Urine as a drink

Jon Kofas says: Reports indicate that only about 3 million, of a population that is about 3 billion, drink their own urine for health reasons in China. Drinking urine, mixed with herbs in some cases, is an ancient practice that is designed to provide long life. RH: By 3 billion, I suppose Jon means of Asia, including India.  Gandhi drank his urine. This is folk medicine. Can any medical specialist tell us if it does in fact promote long life?The Old Testament speaks of the habit as imposed by lack of water.

Randy Black says: Regarding Jon Kofas’ statement that China has 3 billion citizens, and that ‘only’ 3 million drink their own urine, I offer this:
 Population  1,261,832,482 (billion) (July 2000 est.)
 Source: http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/reference/factbook/ch/popula.html
 BBC, March 2001:
China population: 1,260,000,000, including people living on the island of Taiwan.
Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/1246731.stm
From People’s Daily Online: End of 2002, China's population was 1.285 billion
Source: http://english.people.com.cn/200308/20/eng20030820_122707.shtml
Public Broadcasting System: China: with more than 1.2 billion…..
Source: http://www.pbs.org/sixbillion/china/china.html
CIA World Fact Book, 1.298 billion, estimated, July 2004
Conclusion: China does not have 3 billion population. [RH: I think Jon Kofas meant that Asia has a population of 3+ million]
Additionally, Beijing - More than three million Chinese drink their own urine in order to live healthier and longer lives, state media reported.
 Source: http://www.planetsave.com/ViewStory.asp?ID=795
Benefits of urine drinking outlined by Univ. of California:

After innumerable clinical and laboratory tests carried out over several years in Japan, China, U.S.A. Switzerland, and many other European countries, it has been conclusively proved that over and above urea it contains enzymes (of different kinds), vitamins, antibodies, amino acids, valuable salts and minerals, carbonates, bicarbonates, pigments, carbohydrates and hormones.

If we consider urine therapy from the allopathic point of view,' it must be accepted that human urine has close relation to the theory of bacterial infection. The bacteria in urine have proved to be effective in many diseases. Thus this theory can be evaluated vis-à-vis the allopathic bacteria theory. Thus U.T. has the backing of science as allopathic therapy has.

Very recently two doctors, Dr. Alexander N. Glazer and Dr. Stocker, from University of California have discovered that the yellowing dye responsible for jaundice, present in urine long dismissed as valueless bodily waste appears to have a beneficial function that can lessen tissue damage in cancer, aging, inflammation and heart disease. "Instead of spending 95% of our time in developing means to get rid of bilirubin, we should spend time on possible beneficial roles of bilirubin", Dr. Stocker said. The above news had appeared in "Express" (U.S.A.) dated 1.3.87.
Source:  http://www.indiangyan.com/books/therapybooks/Uropathy/science_and_uropathy.shtml

Scientists of Holland have recently isolated a bailment from human urine, which ensures a long healthy life. They have not yet named that element. This discovery might revolutionize healing.

A study done by Lars A. Hanson and Eng M. Tan at the Rockefeller Institute, New York in 1965 showed antibodies for cholera, Salmonella typhus, diphtheria, tetanus toxoid, and polio present in urine.
Conclusion: Mr. Kofas’ numbers appear to be incorrect, but that said, I don’t plan on drinking urine for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that it’s common all over Asia.

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