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MEXICO: The Catholic Church and Abortion

Jose Hernandez wrote:
"The irrational actions of the PAN-controlled government of Baja California and the Guanajuato legislature are just a small sample of where Fox and the PAN party want to take Mexico to. Time will tell, but the newly appointed Secretario General of the PAN party very clearly and categorically said this to Jose Cardenas of Radioformula:

"Since the PAN's inception as a party, it was approved as one of the party's cornerstone principles that Life begins at the time of conception and that the PAN will defend that life with all its recourses."

That can only mean with Fox, the PAN party and every PAN elected official in the country. There is no doubt in my mind that Mexican women are in great danger with this "In God We Trust" alternancia government."

My comment: Yesterday the PAN national leaders repudiated the Guanajuato action, clearly reacting to the national criticism of it. As Josť says, time will tell, but it bears out my prediction that the PAN-Church united front may be shattered.

Ronald Hilton - 8/10/00