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The Eve of the Mexican Elections

Few Americans realize how hostility to the United States is promoted by Latin American television, abetted by governments. We have mentioned the use of inter-American conferences to isolate the United States. In this country there is an unending discussion of the financing of parties, but an equally important question is the ownership of television stations, from which most Latin Americans get their news. Americans have reason to be infuriated by the news program Eco, broadcast throughout Latin America from Mexico, where it is closely tied to the official party PRI through Galavision. It avoids serious accounts of poverty and government abuses in Mexico. Instead it harps endlessly on the poverty and violence which are allegedly the lot of Mexican migrants to the United States. In the run-up to the Mexican elections, Eco discreetly favored the PRI candidate for mayor (governor) of Mexico City. Now he seems sunk, largely because he is pro-American and pro-capitalism. On July 5 Eco avoided the election process, but ran a story on the renovation of the Supreme Court in Ecuador. It would allege that the election laws imposed this silence. The rival chain, Univision, got around the ban by interviewing Carlos Fuentes, who praised the new Federal Electoral Board as a guarantee for the democratic evolution of Mexico. However, Carlos Fuentes is known to be highly critical of the U.S. and its "democracy." Univision then ran a series of street interviews with the underclass. Their disillusionment with politics was a veiled criticism of the PRI. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, we would do well to pay attention to Mexico and indeed to the whole of Latin America.