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MEXICO: the rule of law without formal government

Tom Grey calls our attention to this article: "Mexico Hinterland, Life Beyond the Law Man Buried Alive on Elders' Order In the cemetery of the isolated village of Dos Rios, Teofilo Gonzalez Cano was buried alive atop the cousin he stabbed to death, Vicente Gonzalez Santiago. (Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post). It is a very interesting article on law without formal government: Note in the article that there is no reference to or interview to with the murdered man's wife or mother, just to the murderer and to a a very brief note by the murdered man's brother that led to the Elders' decision. I personally, am sure that society is MUCH better off with Elders passing judgements, even if uneven and occasionally harsh, than depending on a system that flatly does not work".

My question: Well, what do responsible Mexican WAISers think?

Ronald Hilton - 3/18/02