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MEXICO: The Bulls and the Pols

I thought there must be an anti-bullfighting movement in Mexico, but it has not produced a best selling novel like Sangre y Arena. What Elias Castillo tells us makes it clear that bullfighting is not cricket:

"There is a movement in Mexico to stop bullfighting. The group has exposed the fact that before a bullfight, the bull's eyes are smeared with vaseline and that, in many cases, they are shot with a weak tranquilizer so that they are more easily handled by the bullfighters. Their main focus is that bullfighting is a horrendous cruelty to the animal. Most of the middle class and above also shun bullfighting. The anti-bullfighting group is composed of middle class and up plus veterinarians who oppose this bloody, barbaric spectacle."

Ronald Hilton - 02/06/01