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MEXICO: Education and the Mexican people

An opposite view on bullfighting comes from Alejo Orvaņanos:

"Interesting that some WAISERS are concerned with bull fights, have you seen what goes on at rodeos?, two examples: cowboys jump on young steers wrestle them to the ground as they twist their necks, in another feat, two competitors lasso the bull's neck and legs and stretch the animals as they bring them down, not very humane, and the animals go through this over and over again. While on the subject of civilized spectacles: in boxing two human beings beat each other's brains until they become mushy over the years. Examples of this are all around us. I would say: let us be concerned about more important matters, i.e. war and terrorism.

My comment: I agree entirely. I regularly protest against boxing, and I join in the condemnation of rodeos. However, terrorism is being used as a pretext not to consider other issues, and we must avoid that too.

Ronald Hilton - 12/12/01