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MEXICO: The marriage of President Fox

Alejo Orvañanos explains: "The judge who married Vicente Fox and Martha Sahagún has full authority to perform the ceremony. The problem arises because his authorized territory is in a county in the southern section of Mexico City (Contreras), and the ceremony was performed in another county (Miguel Hidalgo), where the Presidential Residence is located. In order to comply with the rules, the judge should have informed his superiors that he was going out of his jurisdiction. Since he was asked by Presidential aides, no advance notice to the public was deemed necessary, so he did not comply with the rules. No big deal, the marriage is valid, and an administrative sanction to the judge is in order".

My bewildered comment: I have many maps of Mexico and of Mexico City, but none gives all the names of the districts of Mexico City. I assume that what Alejo calls "county" is the Mexican "distrito". My map shows Hidalgo in the east of Mexico City, and does not even show Contreras. I know where Tepito is, but it does not appear on any map I have. Can anyone tell me how I can get a map showing these districts?

Ronald Hilton - 7/18/01