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MEXICO: Medical care

Christine Bennett reports: "I had a very positive experience with Mexican health services! When visiting the Benito Juárez Museum in the Palacio de Gobierno in Mexico City, my son, then 7 years old, began to feel really ill. As I sat with him on the steps of the museum, the museum attendant suggested that I take him to see the doctor in the clinic for government workers just around the corner. When I arrived, the attendant had phoned ahead and we were received immediately by a very kind physician who examined my son, prescribed the requisite medicine and sent us on our way, no charges at all, to the nearest pharmacy to fill the prescription. I have always remembered that incident with gratitude and wondered how often that might be matched in the U.S."

My comment: In Mexico, various groups, such as railroad workers, often have their own health service and hospital. The one for government workers attached to the presidential palace would certainly be the best. If President Fox fell ill, it would be called in. As for the Benito Juárez Museum, one of its aims is to prove that he was not selling out the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to US interests. The US supported him, and I am not convinced by the document on display in the museum. The irony is that now Fox is accused of selling out to the US. Politics makes strange bed fellows.

Ronald Hilton - 4/26/02