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Mexico City

George Grayson calls our attention to the background of Santiago Creel:

"The current mayor of Mexico City is the PRD's bombastic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, NOT Santiago Creel. Creel finished a close second in the July 2, 2000, mayoral balloting, but lost. Later, President Fox named Creel, whose grandfather was Porfirio Diaz's finance secretary and secretary of government (gobernacion), the cabinet's key political post".

My comment: This opens a can of revolutionary and peaceful worms. Progress was achieved by the peaceful ones, who, beginning with Benito Juárez himself, provoked the revolutionary ones by trying to stay in power despite the proviso in the 1857 constitution against reelection. The revlutionary worms then became peaceful ones themselves. The last peaceful era was the Porfiriato (1876-1910), which ended when Madero started the Mexican Revolution. The Porfiriato was characterized by progress. Has anything been written about the Creel family, which was I believe of American origin? The half-way station on the railroad from Chihuahua down to Los Mochis on the Pacific is named "Creel". The spectacular line down the Barranca de Cobre is an incredible engineering feat.

Ronald Hilton - 8/4/01