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MEXICO: The PRI, the 1968 student demonstration, and unions

Linda Nyquist remembers: "Mention of the 1968 massacres elicits such strong emotions from me, even after all these years. I had left the square not 5 minutes before the shooting began. I can still hear those initial shots ringing in my ears as I walked down Reforma toward home. What a dark day. While Toledano and "La Quina" may be considered leftists, I do not consider them so. The dinosaur may have represented unions for decades, but hardly achieved the protection and rights for workers that I would consider even basic. La Quina, and I assume that this reference was to the former head of the Pemex union, was a symbol of corruption. He also did not gain for workers a true package of decent benefits and reforms; that is, fair labor practices. Nepotism is rife and working conditions are terrible. One of the things that most concerns me for petroleum workers is the lack of ability to care for injuries related to burns. This, of course, applies to all workers who sustain burn injuries.

Just because you are not a conservative, does not make you a leftist or socialist. I personally don't want to be labeled in the same camp as La Quina, or even Toledano (for the all the praise he has received), for that matter".

Ronald Hilton - 2/2/02