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MEXICO: The marriage of President Fox

Mexican expert George Grayson, who will speak at the WAIS conference, enlightens us about the first wife of President Fox and the jurisdictional problems in Mexico City.: " Mexico City is composed of 16 "delegaciones." La Magdalena Contreras lies in the southwest part of the city, contiguous with Mexico State. Los Pinos is located in Miguel Hidalgo.One problem that Fox has is the presence of his ex-wife Lillian de la Concha Estrada in Rome. A devout Catholic, she works closely with Marcel Marcial, the well-connected head of the powerful and conservative Legionnaires of Christ".

My comment: This explains a lot. I know nothing about Marcel Marcial, the martial leader of the Legionnaires of Christ, about which I am very vague. Is it a rival of the Opus Dei? Is it powerful in Mexico, especially in Guadalajara? I still do not know the circumstances of the divorce of Fox. Was she allied with the Catholic conservatives who opposed his nomination as the head of PAN? How can I get a map of Mexico City showing the delegaciones? My map shows "Hidalgo", not "Miguel Hidalgo" in the southeast part of Mexico City, far from the presidential residence Los Pinos. Apparently they are different. I see on my map a place called "Contreras", which I suppose is the same as "San Miguel Contreras". The revolutionaries had the habit of adding the name of one of their heroes to then old name, e.g. San Miguel, but I do not know a revolutionary called Contreras. I am still bewildered, my normal condition.

Ronald Hilton - 7/18/01