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Two-Party System?

     David Crow rejects the two-party system proposed by Vicente Fox:
     The current tripartite system seems to fit Mexico's political physiognomy more naturally. You've got the PRI, in the classic Latin American mold of the "catch-all" party (a la Acción Democrática in Venezuela, Peronismo in Argentina, etc.), with populist appeal across class and sector lines. The PAN has ably, and at times defiantly, represented conservative, Catholic business interests since 1939. And the PRD has lent a measure of cohesion to a traditionally fragmented Mexican left (Mexican Communist Party, PCM; Unified Socialist Party of Mexico, PSUM, among the standouts in the alphabet soup) for the past decade. Center. Right. Left. Even the originators of the Westminster model have moved beyond two parties. There's no reason Mexico needs to imitate the United States' stultifying bipartite system.

Ronald Hilton - 3/24/00