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MEXICO: Marcos and the EZLN

Tim Brown, a man of wide experience in the area, is skptical of political declarations:

"I am reasonably well informed about the EZLN, the Agreements, and all the hullabaloo over Marcos. Prior to the Cuban Revolution CASTRO claimed he did not want a Communist revolution; prior to the Sandinista revolution, the SANDINISTAS claimed they did not want a Communist revolution during the revolution in El Salvador the Faribundo Marti Liberation Front claimed it did not want a Marxist revolution; in Honduras the Cinchoneros claimed they did not want a Marxist revolution. I have many close personal friends who were once senior leaders of one of these four movements [one a second-generation Mexican Marxist-Leninist former neighbor of Marcos, who knows him and considers him a Marxist comrade]. Today, to a person, they are telling me on video that they were lying knowingly and deliberately because the truth would have weakened their struggles by costing them popular support. They were amazed then and all laugh now at just how easy it was for them to fool so many so well. Will we never learn?"

Ronald Hilton - 3/2/01