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Family planning in Mexico

Alberto Gutierrez replies to Raul Escalante: "I rememberu the family planning campaignu when Luis Echevarr’a resided in Los Pinos. ow can I forgetu his coziness with his chum ("el cuate") Castro? About the time "the designated heir apparent" Jose Lopez Portillo became president, there were two concerned Cuban teachers in a district of the Fox Valley, Illinois, ho finally sought the help of a female obstetrician to give free advice and contraceptives to local Mexican women with legal and illegal status. The teachers were motivated because neither the advertised family planning campaign in Mexico City nor any related information reached those women.While many were reticent, others even lacked the basic knowledge on the "facts of life".The situation with their husbands was more complicated. I knew some details only because of my relation to one of the teachers.

I realize that migration alters the population growth rate of Mexico City .That is why I included transients and temporary residents when I asked for the current population of Mexico City.The massive move toward el federal district is not a new phenomenon. According to Raul Escalante it is likely to continue only for some time as the countryside adjusts to the new rules of trade and competition. Let's hope he is right, but I do not think so.

Perhaps demagoguery of the worst kind is a strong expression, but even Raul Escalante admits that the motives of Governor Davis of California to grant illegal residents the right to obtain a drivers license are questionable... The manipulation of popular prejudices, promises and expectations to gain power is demagoguery. Does Governor Davis care for a single "wetback"? Let's assume that one day the governor issues driver licences to all illegal resident.How about six months later?Is he going to issue driver licences to all illegals indefinitely? Te massive flow of labor from Mexico to US benefits both countries,but at the same time it is a tremendous burden for California "

Ronald Hilton - 10.04.03