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Anti-Spanish History Propaganda. President Clinton's Visit

     LANS (2/18/99) carried a report on Clinton's visit to Mexico which dovetails with our memos stressing the anti-Spanish politically correct version of Mexican history. The government palace in Merida, where he was officially welcomed by President Zedillo, is decorated with a mural which surprised Clinton. Entitled "Torturing Canek" and painted by Fernando Castro Pacheco, it represents the Indian chief being skinned alive by the Spaniards. Cortes mentions Canek in his "Fifth Letter" to the King of Spain, but there is no reference to this torture. It is suspected that it is an invention, possibly by Bartolome de las Casas, the Dominican who denounced the cruelties of the Conquistadores and whose writings have become a bible for those promoting the anti-Spanish version of Mexican history.
     The Spanish Government wanted to establish a chair of Spanish culture at Stanford University, but the Spanish Department insisted that it be named after Las Casas, so the offer was withdrawn. My old master, Salvador de Madariaga was bitter about the relentlessly anti-Spanish official version of Mexican history, and that is why he wrote his biography of Cortes in justification of him. He especially detested Diego Rivera, who promoted this anti-Spanish propaganda in his murals. I knew Diego Rivera personally, and I found his to be a talented clown, in life, in his paintings, and in his lectures.

Ronald Hilton - 03/06/99