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MEXICO: Bullfighting

Raśl Escalante adds a discouraging sequel to the psting which began: "Mexico: Bullfighting in Mexico City now has an X rating. No one under 18 years of age will be allowed to watch. "To kill for enjoyment is an act without justification," said Arnold Ricalde, a Green Ecologist Party assemblyman, who voted for the ban. Bullfighting industry representatives are booing the ban, claiming it violates civil rights".

Raśl reports: "Sadly, the Government of Mexico City hasn't been up to the challenge of enforcing the new law. It tried in a half-hearted way but was faced down by public opinion. In protest, bullfighting fans openly took their children to the rings. In the end, the controversy probably generated a windfall for the businesses that run the industry. Sorry to rain on your parade; I do wish things were different".

My: Man's natural violence seems to be breaking out everywhere. At least, violence on American TV is fiction. Bullfight fans would not be satisfied with TV films of past fights. They want to see the blood on the sand: sangre y arena.

Ronald Hilton - 3/22/02