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MEXICO: The Bulls...Fighting words form a pacifist

Linda Nyquist wonders if Bogota is the Athena of America:

"I am so disappointed by the argument by the WAISer from Colombia that the "most respected figure in Colombia" is a person who stands up against a 500-kg bull. Why shouldn't the most respected person be someone who stands up against human suffering, or poverty , or something worthwhile, for heaven's sake? With attitudes like this, the human condition really is hopeless. I get so discouraged. Human have choices to make. Animals have none. Why don't we make choices for good and to alleviate suffering, rather than to revel and delight in the spectacle of death? This really eludes me. I don't believe that the two sides of this issue will ever meet. Those of us who love animals will NEVER budge. And those who enjoy killing them for sport and enjoyment will surely never understand the rewards we humans reap when we treat animals with love and compassion. "

Ronald Hilton - 2/07/01