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California Border: Trucks and Avocados

     "Today a Californian was complaining angrily that Mexican trucks bringing cheap avocados across the border wreck Californian roads, while California can do nothing about it because the whole business is in the hands of the federal government." Tom Moore rejects this complaint:
     "It is the cheap avocados that are bringing the objections. The idea that even bad trucks will harm our roads is ridiculous. These objections are simply protectionism. The more we import from Mexico the less need there will be for Mexicans to come to the states. In addition American consumers benefit from cheaper goods."

     My comment: I was simply recording the complaint. The fact is that almost anything from Washington is viewed as a violation of state or individual rights, as in the angry protests against the census. However; I can understand workers´complaints about cheap Mexican labor. If any WAISer were faced personally with that problem, I bet he would complain. As for the trucks, if they were not in a good condition they would be a highway hazard and add to the pollution.

Ronald Hilton - 3/22/00