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MEXICO: Campesinos attack the Mexican Congress

A mob of discontents invaded the Mexican Congress. Senator Trent Lott has his defenders, among them Virginia Abernethy, who writes: "If Revolution comes to Mexico, we will really want our troops at the border. Sen. Trent Lott supports stationing troops at the border. I like that and I would be proud for him to stand alongside of them. I would not be surprised to find that Sen. Lott has it in him. Southerners have carried their country's flag more than their share. See The original message comes from "The Voice of Aztlan", a mythical country a Mexican-American group plans to carve out of the United States. Since it harks back to Aztec times, it calls Mexico City "Tenochtitlán". Here is an extract from La Voz de Aztlan (LaVoz@Aztlan.Net):

"Campesinos Attack the Mexican Congress. Tenochtitlan - December 11, 2002 - (ACN) Rivaling the crisis in Venezuela and Argentina, thousands of well organized campesinos (agricultural workers) stormed and broke into the Mexican Congress yesterday forcing many of the congressmen to run for their lives and attempt to climb over the security fence surrounding the Palacio Legislativo de San Lazaro. The campesinos are in extreme desperation because of the worsening conditions in the agricultural sectors of Mexico and the lack of forthcoming solutions by the legislature. Hundreds of the campesinos were able to penetrate into the congressional building after first parking 6 tractors in the front entrance to the building, spreading smelly manure and throwing rotten vegetables against the walls. The group was accompanied by 4 pigs, two that had the names of President Vicente Fox and of Secretary of Foreign Relations Jorge Castañeda Gutman. Mexico could be headed for another full blown armed revolution. If it was not for immigration to the U.S. of many Mexican workers, the pressure on the economic and political system of Mexico, would have long ago caused a national explosion". The article, along with a picture of a campesino on horseback inside the Mexican Congress and another of the congressmen panicking and attempting to climb a fence, are published at:

Ronald Hilton - 12/13/02