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Mexican Censorship

The ECO news program of Galavision continues to be perhaps the worst of the SCOLA rebroadcasts, whereas a few years ago it was one of the very best. In his recent tour of Europe, President Zedillo met with a group of French human rights groups, among them Reporteros sin Fronteras (Reporters without Frontiers). It was a most unpleasant meeting. There was little to substantiate the charge that the human rights situation in Mexiso is worse than that in Chile under Pinochet. However, there were accurate charges that newsmen have been refused permission to enter Mexico and that others had been harassed. As for the charge that newsmen had been killed, Zedillo said that he knew of only one case. In any case, it is regrettable that Mexican newscasts have sunk to the present level.

Ronald Hilton, 10-16-97