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MEXICO: Chilango

"Chilango" is a word used in northern Mexico referring to the people of the capital, but what exactly does it mean? Linda Nyquist says: "Chilango refers to the people of the Federal District, and though it is a term widely used, there is an element of pejoratism in it. Non-DF residents view the capitalinos as "different" than other Mexicans; more aggressive, less honest, more manipulative, etc". Josť Medina of Chihuahua gives it a broader meaning: "Any one coming from a place further south than Escalon, can be deemed a Chilango" Escalon is a small town, the last station in Chihuahua on the line to Mexico City. This means that, for the the people of Chihuahua, most Mexicans except those from Chihuhua, Sonora and Coahuila are Chilangos. Luis Rodrigo Diaz consulted, which restricts the meaning to someone from the Chilango comes from the Mayan "xilan", meaning broken (?) hair or bald. The people of Mexico City have reacted, saying "Being a Chilango is not a defect. It shows power". Chilango is now being used in a positive sense in the US, as in Chilango Restaurant, Chilango bus service (which goes from the US to Mexico). If I find more information, I will post it.

Ronald Hilton - 5/14/03