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MEXICO: Chilangos and dislike of capitals and large cities

Paul Simon writes. "The dislike of people from "the city" may be a world-wide phenomenon. When I lived in Chicago I remember that people from pleasant nearby areas of Wisconsin and Indiana called us FIB's. The I stood for Illinois, the F couldn't be more us-WAIS, and the B was an aspersion on the legitimacy of a male's birth. In my years in Korea, I found that people from Seoul were not always welcome in the Korean countryside, especially down in Cholla province. I think there's just a worldwide attitude among dwellers in more bucolic regions to think the urbanites are despoilers and exploiters. Any other WAISers have stories on this?"

My response. Dislike of New York and its bankers is a basic fact of American history. Once in Texas, when returning from Mexico, I got into an argument with a customs official who wanted me to pay duty on books. I was able to quote the law, showing that he was wrong. He snarled in a Texan drawl: "I bet you've been in Washington, D.C." I confessed I had.

Ronald Hilton - 12/20/01