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MEXICO: Chinese in Mexico

Tim Brown writes: "I can't speak to the Chinese in Mexico, but did have contact with Koreans in Mexico. While Consul in Merida, I became aware of a fraud problem. In the early 1900s, Mexico had imported some Koreans as railroad builders. Once the railroad was finished, they were dismissed to fend for themselves. Many melded into local villages and intermarried with Maya women. This produced a small population of Maya speaking Koreans who were Mexican citizens but spoke little Spanish. At the time, for visa purposes, national origin was determined by place of birth, and we found that some non-Mexican Koreans were trying to take advantage of this by buying Mexican birth certificates and passports and claiming to be native born Mexicans in order to obtain a relatively more favorable immigration status. Our methods of differentiating between natives of Korea and Mexico was to test them in Maya!"

My comment: There were probably Chinese too, and Pancho Villa could not tell one from another. He shot them because the peasants hated them. Why? Because they were intruders, a foreign body stealing their women..

Ronald Hilton - 12/31/01