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MEXICO: Chitino

Jaqui White ventures into the risky field of place names. I do not know if there is a book on Mexican place names. She writes; "This is simply a musing, nothing else. Is it possible that in the dim, foggy reaches of history, that the CHITINO area near Oaxaca could have originally been the CHINITO area, with a typographical error committed somewhere along the line of cartographers? There have been many generations of Chinese in Mexico (perhaps to build the railroads as in the US?), and it seems to me that they were centered in that region.

I have always loved the little nonsense song popular in Mexico decades ago, "Chinita, Chinita, toca la malaca, Chinita." You will notice the "malaca" instead of "maraca" due to the difficulty the Chinese have with the R. Chitino does not mean anything, and since regions tend to be named for some definite topographical, or natural phenomenon, or for some identifying reason, I thought the area might have been known at one time for a population of people of Chinese origin."

My question; Since Mexican railroads were built by foreigners, it is possible that Chinese were employed. Pancho Villa hated the Chinese and shot them. It is possible that they sought refuge in the mountains of the south. Can anyone elucidate this?

Ronald Hilton - 12/30/01