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MEXICO: Cockfights - animal versus human rights

Commenting on Raśl Escalante's story about his father, Mexican consul in Sacramento, visiting ranches to check on the living conditions of Mexican workers, Paul Simon writes: "I enjoyed that story! I'm delighted (and NOT surprised) to see diplomats from other nations also working for human improvement!

The tale reminds me of a time in 1999 when I visited the "Minorities and Religious Affairs Bureau" in Shenyang, PRC. The government folks, anxious to impress me with how great they were doing at promoting religious freedom, had me in to their fancy new office building and out to an impressive feast. The we visited the local Catholic cathedral (run by the Patriotic Catholic Church of China and government-funded, by and large). The church was so starved of funds that they had almost no heat and the holy water was frozen solid in the font!"

My comment: It reminds me of a visit I made in Soviet Russia to a major seminary. The priest in charge (obviously a KGB man) gave me perhaps the best meal I had while in the USSR, accompanied by a long discourse about the religious freedom sects (he enumerated them) enjoyed in that paradise. No mention of the Jews!

Ronald Hilton - 12/22/01