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MEXICO: Drug cult and drug industry

Linda Nyquist protests: "DISCLAIMER!!! I believe that the center of the mushroom cult was Huatla de Jimenez. The center of the drug industry in Mexico is probably Sinaloa, and the area around Culiacan. Other WAISers might know better. It has been reported that generals control this area and have huge ranches dedicated to the growing of plants. Remember the song (it is beautiful, actually) "Amapola" - which celebrates the poppy?"

My reply: Whoa, Linda! I said cult, not industry. The drug business and the drug exporting racket is indeed centered in Sinaloa, but hallucenic mushrooms are drugs. I did not suggest that there was a comparable industry in Huautla. Incidentally, the National Geographic Atlas spells the name "Huautla", which is what I am used to. Linda spells it Huatla, which may be the local pronunciation.

Ronald Hilton - 1/22/02