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     Jaqui White clarifies her linking Mexico with drugs:
     As everyone knows by now, I am extremely pro-Mexican. The only reason I mentioned drugs and Mexico in the same breath was to emphasize that the United States has less than five percent of the world's population, but it consumes more than fifty percent of the world's illicit drugs. We should stop blaming other countries for our voracious appetite for drugs. The source of the drug problem is our demand for drugs.
     Cocaine, once arriving by the ton into Mexico for transfer to the US is now often air-dropped into Guatemala, transferred to Belize and the Caribbean islands, and hence to the US. Now that US cocaine consumption is decreasing and heroin increasing, opium paste, which is processed into heroin is entering the US in greater quantities.
     Another hot spot is Blaine, Washington on the Canadian border, where drug trafficking has become immense.
     The drug traffickers are merely following the change in drug consumption in the US. The drug demand of the United States dictates the trafficking from other countries.
     My comment: Of course, Jaqui. What can you tell us about Yemen, which you once visited? The consumption of quat is reportedly ruining public health and the economy. Spain is the main European point of entry for cocaine from South America and hashish (related to marijuana) from Morocco. the case of Mexico is special because of its long frontier with the U.S. The problem is worldwide.

Ronald Hilton - 08/02/99