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MEXICO: Education and the Mexican people

Elias Castillo writes: "Linda Nyquist is absolutely correct. It is going to take an intellectual segment of Mexico's population that has a social consciousness--not just in mouthing empty words about Mexico's poverty--but who actually form strong organizations, perhaps political, to do something about this attitude that abounds among far too many Mexicans: Let's just ignore our horrible social stratification, our poverty, or lack, in too many cases, of proper ethics and morality, and maybe it will all go away. Meanwhile, let's go to that nice new restaurant and get something to eat. Oh yes, and give the beggar woman and her two infants who sit on the corner 50 centavos on our way out.

There are some right minded individuals and organizations that do exist--one of them being a group that is ttempting to ban bullfights (a bloody spectacle that has no place in a nation that deems itself forward looking)--but they are too few. Perhaps, under Fox and a free press that is growing more and more conscious of Mexico's ills and willing to write about it, this will someday change . . . . . hopefully."

Ronald Hilton - 12/4/01