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MEXICO: The Elections

I assumed that Jim Whelan would be pleased by the victory of Vicente Fox, the most pro-American candidate: He retorts:

"Jim Whelan is not, because he would need to see evidence that Fox is, in fact, more "pro-American" than the modern-day PRI technocrats. Closer to the truth is that no one in public life in Mexico is -- or can afford to be - pro-American. And, I was not talking about mud-slinging or generalities. I was talking about repudiating one after another of the supposedly fundamental tenets of PANism. I was talking about forming alliances with those diametrically opposed to his party and its so-called principles. I was talking about the fact that, over the past three years (as one who reads the Mexican press daily), I have looked ever more in vain to discover what PAN's principles are any more."

My comment: It is true that Fox talked about an alliance with Cuauhtémoc Cardenas, whose policies are the antithesis of those of PAN, but that was simply a strategy to defeat the PRI. Now that he has won, Fox has invited the defeated PRI ministers to join his cabinet. Indeed, has invited all parties to cooperate. This would seem to be insurance against sabotage by the defeated. Indeed, since PAN and PRI have similar policies, they could cooperate, but that would still leave out the Mexico City government, which the left continues to hold, and the university students. As former manager of CocaCola de Mexico, Fox has lots of American business contacts. WAISer Paul Rich is close to PAN. Perhaps he can comment.

Ronald Hilton - 7/04/00