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MEXICO: Presidential Praise of Fox

Paul Rich defends the political moves of Vicente Fox:

"As the PAN has moved closer to having power, it has become more pragmatic, which is not an unusual phenomenon in politics. For example, despite fears of its religious leanings, Fox is the first divorced man to be president.i don't think Fox should be faulted for including in his circle a variety of views, because the shock of what has happened is very real and there have been fears of all kinds of mischief. His efforts at conciliation seem to me to be real statesmanship. The last thing that is needed is the threat of massive retaliation against PRI or PRD members.

He is stressing the need for economic growth and he is absolutely right. He has said that he needs to create about 1,300,000 new jobs every year just to take care of the young people entering the labor market. The fact that he is so conscious of how much a problem the lack of jobs has become is a good sign. He also has experienced as a business executive the frustrations of dealing with the government bureaucracy, and I think that is good training for any new president.

In sum, I think this is a tremendous opportunity for Mexico. Finally, while it is true as Ronald suggests that I have given advice to the PAN, nobody else asked! I would have been glad to contribute my proverbial two cents worth to the PRI and PRD."

Ronald Hilton - 7/04/00