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The Flag

     Emilio Zertuche replies to the question about the Mexican flag:
     "We (Mexicans) feel great when we look at our flag waving in the wind and our blood rushes through our veins when we hear our national anthem but I think it s time, as we approach the last year of the century and we step into the threshold of the third millennium that we should shift gears and begin to feel and think as part of the human race and not only as nationals of a given country."

     My comment: I agree, but we have not shifted gears yet. While the World Trade Organization may deserve criticism, the howls of criticism around the world over the Seattle meeting mix nationalism, narrow business interest, and incredible ignorance.
     Flags also symbolize the enemy, witness the burnings of the U.S. flag. like burning a witch at the stake.

Ronald Hilton - 11/29/99