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The Future of Mexico

     Linda Nyquist reports:
     "I talked to a jeweler friend today who lives in Mexico City, and he was telling me that every member of his immediate family has been assaulted and robbed in the last few months. About 3 days ago, his son-in-law was filming in the Zona Rosa in mid-afternoon, when the subject of his photo gave him a "warning" facial expression. Before he could turn around, he was attacked (probably for the expensive camera) and then repeatedly hit about the eye by a man apparently wearing brass knuckles, as his eye sockets were broken. He was very seriously injured. I, personally, have been robbed at gunpoint in Mexico City twice in the last 8 years. Frankly, I cannot imagine living there anymore."

     My comment: A report has just been issued saying that poor districts of Mexico City are without water. Three quarters of the ciry's water supply comes from ground water, with the result that the city is sinking about 7 cm a year, and the pipes are breaking. There is a beginning of water riots, and things are getting worse. Total chaos is possible, leading to a military takeover.

Ronald Hilton - 3/5/00